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What is Ergonomic? Intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury.

Eye strain can be caused by staring at a screen for a long time this can be prevented by a screen filter and take regular breaks from your PC or console.

Joint pains can result from sitting incorrectly for a long time to prevent this you could use an adjustable chair and monitor also do not sit for a long time without a break

Repetitive strain injuries can develop from doing the same thing again and again to prevent this from happening change position or controller and use supports.

Three ways to avoid accidents involving computers. Don't have wires in open places so people can trip over them, don't have liquids need a computer because if you knock it over it could frazzle your computer or give you a serious injury and the last one is to use a adjustable monitor or chair to stop joint pains.

New technology like Nintendo Wii can cause many injury's like not having the strap secured to your wrist and it comes flying out of your hand also you could over do it and hurt your self doing exercise

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