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consolidation of what is needed from you in questions 3 and 4

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Question 3- this question is a 12 marker and you should spend about 15 minutes of your exam on it. this question is based on how language is used to influence therefore it requires a lot of analysis on each individual point. in order to ensure that your answer is perceptive and detailed enough you must include a judicious range of quotes and you have to offer more than one explanation to why it was chosen, there should be at least two different implications that will link back to the focus of the question. moreover, if you pick out a language technique or an individual phrase you have to explain its EFFECT and its PURPOSE. you are not given bullet points to answer this question but It is asking you to approach the source critically and demonstrate your understanding and how the writer has possibly structured it (possibly referring to sentence forms). Question 4-this question is worth 16 marks of section A and you should spend 20-24 minutes on writing an answer. this is a comparative question which is based on the attitudes presented by the writers. you are asked to look at the entirety of both sources, a perceptive answer should include various similarities and differences between the attitudes that are conveyed. you can look at perspective and ideas presented but if you want to maintain a level 3 answer or higher you have to reference the tone of each extract. this should be a detailed answer that constantly goes back to the question at hand.

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