A2- B1 Future forms

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GOING TO + INFINITIVE We use this form to speak about plans or events that are very obvious.

They are going to watch a film.

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They are going to buy a house.

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It is going to rain.

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I'm going to start eating healthier food.

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She's going to tidy her bedroom.

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They are not going on holiday.

They are going to stay at home.

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A: Are you going to go to France?

B: No, we're going to stay at home.

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A: What are you going to on Saturday?

B: We're going to go to the cinema.

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A: What are you going to do this afternoon?

B: I'm going to tidy my bedroom.

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will + infinitive

We use this form to speak about: Things we haven't planned or predictions. Decisions we have made at the moment of speaking. With expressions related to thinking (e.g. think, sure, hope )

In the future, people will live on Mars.

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A: What will the weather be like next week?

B: Next week it will rain.

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Don't get angry with Sarah. I think she'll be late.

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I won't have a tea. I'll have a coffee.

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We can use the present continuous for the future, but we should always make it clear what moment we are speaking about.

A: What are you doing tonight?

B: Tonight I'm eating out.

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A: What is Sarah doing this evening?

B: Sarah is making a cake for her son's birthday.

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Present simple for the future

We  use the present simple to talk about timetables and schedules.

The flight departs at 15:30

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