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Question 1

Universal containers set the organization-wide default setting for opportunities to private. Which record will an opportunity pipeline report return?
  • Opportunities for which the user running the report is also the account owner
  • Opportunities for the entire sales organization regardless of the user running the report
  • Opportunities owned by the user running the report and users below them in the role hierarchy
  • Opportunities owned by the user running the report and users below them in the role hierarchy

Question 2

What standard object has a one-to- many relationship with the account object? Choose 3 answers.
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Campaign

Question 3

Sam is trying to convert a master detail relationship into a lookup relationship, however is not able to do so. What could be the reason?
  • All records do not have the master relationship field populated
  • The Master relationship field is marked required on page layout
  • A roll up summary field exists on the master object
  • It is not possible to convert master detail to look up relationship

Question 4

When is validation rules applied when using Salesforce for Outlook?
  • Every time a record is saved
  • Every time a user views a record
  • Every time a record is updated
  • Every time data is sync with the server

Question 5

Universal Containers would like to examine their sales by region and country. Therefore they need a sub total at country level, for their Sales Data report. Considering this case, what format should the Sales Data report be?
  • Tabular
  • Summary
  • Matrix
  • Joined

Question 6

What should be considered when configuring the lead conversion process? Choose 2 answers
  • Standard lead fields are automatically converted into account, contact and opportunity fields
  • Custom Lead fields can be mapped to custom object fields
  • Custom Lead fields can be mapped to account, contact and opportunity fields
  • Roll-up Summary Lead Fields can be mapped to custom contact fields.

Question 7

Sam has written the following validation rule for the custom field ‘Count’ OR(Count__c=0, MOD(Count__c, 2)<>0). What should the error message on this validation rule be set to?
  • Count must be non a zero even number
  • Count must be non a zero odd number
  • Count cannot be non a zero even number
  • Count cannot be non a zero odd number

Question 8

Where can the multilingual solution search feature be enabled? Choose 2 answers
  • Salesforce Content
  • Public Knowledge Base
  • Self Service Portal
  • Solution Tab Search

Question 9

When case assignment rules are being set up, cases can be assigned to whom? Choose 2 answers.
  • Case Team
  • Queue
  • Contact
  • User

Question 10

Which privilege can be granted to member of a content library (workspace) without modifying user permissions? Choose 2 answers
  • Edit a member’s library permissions
  • Add tags when editing content details
  • Share content with other users in chatter
  • Create a new library

Question 11

In what order does Salesforce process the following rules? a) Assignment rules b) Auto response rules c) Escalation rules d) Validation rules e) Workflow rules
  • abcde
  • dabec
  • badec
  • abced

Question 12

A user is having trouble logging into Salesforce. The user’s login history shows that this person has attempted to log in multiple tomes and has been locked out of the organization. How can the system admin help the user log into Salesforce? Choose 2 answers
  • Click Reset Password on the user’s record detail page.
  • Send an email to user containing the user’s password.
  • Click Unlock on the user’s record detail page.
  • Log in as the user and enter a new password.

Question 13

Which level of access can be set when sharing a document folder with users? Choose 2 answers
  • Read/Write/Create/Delete
  • Read/Write
  • Read/Write/Create/Read-Only
  • Read-Only

Question 14

UC uses a custom field on the account object to capture the account credit status. The sales team wants to display the account credit status on opportunities. Which feature should a system admin use this meet this requirement?
  • Roll Up Summary Field.
  • Workflow Field Update.
  • Lookup Field.
  • Cross Object Formula Field

Question 15

What does a page layout allow an admin to control?
  • The Fields users see on detail and edit pages
  • The fields user see in reports and list views
  • The record types available to each role and profile
  • The business process and related picklist value displayed

Question 16

Which statement about products and price books is true? Choose 2 answers.
  • A product can have a different list price in different price books.
  • Price Books that contain assets cannot contain products.
  • Products without a price are automatically added to the standard price book.
  • The Standard and list price for a product can be listed in multiple currencies.

Question 17

What can a marketing user do using the manage members button on a campaign record? Choose 2 answers
  • Create a custom report including all campaign members
  • Import new leads and associate them with the campaign
  • Associate existing opportunities with the campaign
  • Associate existing contacts with the campaign

Question 18

“Stock Symbol” is a custom field on the Account object. What is the best way to make this field appear on Contact detail page layout?
  • Roll up summary field
  • Lookup field
  • Formula field
  • Parent Field

Question 19

What is not a capability of the lead object? Choose 2 answers.
  • Standard or Custom fields can be mapped to fields in Account, Contact and Opportunity objects as part of lead conversion
  • Leads can be grouped into queues
  • Leads can be automatically assigned to users or queues
  • Custom objects that have been related to a lead can be copied when a lead is converted to the account, contact or opportunity

Question 20

What of the following field types can be used as an External ID? Choose 2 answers.
  • Date
  • Text
  • Number
  • Picklist

Question 21

Sales reps at UC should not be able to create leads, delete their own accounts or send mass emails. How can an admin meet these requirements?
  • Change the OWD default settings
  • Modify a standard profile
  • Create a custom profile
  • Create a sharing rule

Question 22

If two objects have parent-child relationship, how can a user access the child record from the parent record?
  • Custom link
  • Child field
  • Lookup field
  • Related list

Question 23

Universal containers wants to capture the invoice number and account credit score for billing cases. How would an administrator accomplish this? Choose 2 answers
  • Create a validation rule
  • Create custom fields
  • Create a support processes
  • Create a page layout

Question 24

What is true regarding assigning approval requests to queues? Choose 2 answer.
  • Approval requests can be assigned to a queue for any object
  • Any queue members can approve or reject an approval request
  • Approval request emails are sent to the queue email address
  • A queue can be used as a delegated approver

Question 25

What should a system admin consider when deleting a custom field? Choose 3 answers.
  • Field used in workflow and assignment rules cannot be deleted.
  • Fields must be removed from page layouts after being deleted.
  • Field values should be archived before a field is deleted.
  • Existing field values must be transferred to a new custom field.
  • Deleted fields and values can be restored from the recycle bin within 15 days.

Question 26

The cloud scheduler has which capability? Choose 2 answer
  • The cloud scheduler allows users to view available meeting times on lead and contact calendars.
  • Salesforce can automatically propose multiple meeting times base on salesforce user calendars
  • A custom logo can be added to the meeting request email sent to a contact or lead
  • The cloud scheduler can be enabled at the user profile level.

Question 27

Which statement about Chatter post and comments is true? Choose 2 answers
  • Updates to the Chatter Feed on a record are visible to the users with the access to the record.
  • Posts to a user’s profile can be made private by clicking the lock icon.
  • Posts to a user’s profile are hidden from anyone below hat user in the role hierarchy.
  • Posts made to a user’s profile are visible to all users in the organization.

Question 28

Global Insurance will use Salesforce to collect lead information from different sources. The information collected about a lead will vary greatly depending on if the lead is interested in life insurance or business insurance. What features would you suggest to use to configure Salesforce in this situation?
  • Record Types
  • VisualForce Pages
  • Custom Objects
  • Tab Settings

Question 29

Universal Container wants to ensure that users complete the standard industry field when creating a new account record. To address the concern the administrator set the Industry field as required. However, some users are still able to create a new account record without completing the Industry Field. What should an administrator do to troubleshoot the issue? Choose 2 answers.
  • Verify the users have the “Modify All Data” permissions for the account on their profiles.
  • Verify the field –level security for the Industry field is not set to “Read Only” on the user profiles.
  • Verify the user have Edit Permission for accounts on their profiles.
  • Verify the Industry field is sent as required on all the account page layouts assigned to the user’s.

Question 30

UC needs to use cases to manage both customer support issue and internal change requests. Which functionality should a system admin use to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers
  • Support Process
  • Page Layouts
  • Record Types
  • Validation Rules
  • Delegated Administration

Question 31

What can be transferred from one user to another user during mass transfer of account records? Choose 3 answers
  • Closed Cases
  • Closed Activities
  • Open Activities
  • Related Custom Object Records
  • Open Cases

Question 32

A sales user at UC has updated the opportunity stage for an opportunity in the pipleline. What may be the updated as a result of the stage change? Choose 2 answers
  • Forecast Category
  • Account rating
  • Probability
  • Sales Quota

Question 33

Which chart type can be used to display summary vales from 2 different levels of grouping in a report? Choose 2 answers.
  • Stacked Bar chart
  • Grouped Line Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Donut Chart

Question 34

What is the purpose of service cloud (customer) portal? Choose 2 answers.
  • To allow partners to access contact records for case collaboration
  • To provide Web Self Service by exposing Knowledge articles
  • To share support reports and dashboards with high profile accounts
  • To allow customer to log and check the status of cases online

Question 35

While designing your application, you are reviewing the data types that would be suitable for each field. Which data types are valid for custom fields? Choose 2 answers.
  • Number, Currency and Percent
  • Checkbox, Picklist and Address
  • Email, Phone and URL
  • Text, Radio Button and Date/Time

Question 36

The recruiting team at universal containers wants to be more proactive about renewing support plans with customers. They would like the support representative dedicated to each account to be notified a month before the account’s support plan expires. What should an administrator configure to meet this requirement?
  • Auto-response rule
  • Assignment rule
  • Workflow rule
  • Escalation rule

Question 37

UC requires that its Salesforce account data including attachments to be backed up weekly , Which tool should a system admin use to accomplish this?
  • Account analytic snapshot
  • Account Report Export
  • Data Loader
  • Data Export Service

Question 38

What can be modified on standard object fields? Choose 3 answers
  • Picklist values
  • Field type
  • Default text
  • Label
  • Help text

Question 39

What setting is controlled by a user’s profile? Choose 3 answers
  • Locale settings
  • Feature license assignment
  • Field-level security
  • Record type assignment
  • Assigned apps

Question 40

Universal container has a marketing team set up as a public group. A sales representative would like to engage the marketing team on one opportunity. What should the sales representatives do to ensure the marketing team can access the opportunity?
  • Manually share the record with the public group
  • Add the public group to the opportunity team
  • Add the public group to the case team
  • Change the opportunity owner to the public group

Question 41

Which component can be included in a custom home page layout? Choose 3 answers
  • Dashboard Components
  • Trending Chatter Topics
  • Analytic Snapshot
  • Messages and alerts
  • Pending approval list

Question 42

In a service application, different kinds of resources are assigned to jobs. The resource types are phones, vehicles and tools. They share mostly common fields but also have some fields unique to each resource type. How should you represent this in Salesforce?
  • Create a custom object for each resource type
  • Create one custom object and use record types
  • Look for standard objects to use to store the resource data
  • None of the above

Question 43

How can a system admin add user to a salesforce organization using Chatter Free? Choose 2 answers
  • Assign Chatter Free Licenses to existing Salesforce Users
  • Create users in the org and assign them a chatter free license
  • Enable invites to allow user to invite others within specified email domains
  • Assign Chatter Free Licenses to users outside the specified email domain

Question 44

What user Interface setting must be enabled for users to edit records in a list view? Choose 2 answers
  • Inline editing
  • Enhanced Lists
  • Enhanced Profile List Views
  • Enhanced Page Layout Editor

Question 45

A marketing user needs to create a new campaign, but the New Button is NOT visible from the campaign home page. The system administrator has verified that the user has the “Create” profile permission for the campaign object. How should the system admin resolve the issue?
  • Grand the user “Read” profile permissions for the campaign object.
  • Select the Marketing User Check box in the User record.
  • Select the “Manage Campaign” profile permissions.
  • Add the New Button to the page layout using the page layout editor.

Question 46

A custom object called Sample has a Mater-Detail relationship with the Opportunity object. One opportunity can have one or many related samples. Each sample has fields for Start Date, Estimated End Date and Actual End Date. How would a developer meet this requirement to provide a COUNT of all related samples which are still active (actual End date is not completed?)
  • Create a Formula field
  • Create a workflow
  • Create a Roll-up Summary field
  • None of the above

Question 47

The sales operations team at Universal Containers needs to be able to read edit delete and transfer all records owned by sales representatives. How can a system admin meet this requirement?
  • Add Sales operations users to the default account teams for all sales reps.
  • Define a role hierarchy where the sales operations role is above the sales reps role.
  • Create Sharing Rules that give sales operations access to records owned by sales reps.
  • Manually share all records owned by sales reps with sales operations.

Question 48

What will occur when a system admin creates a dynamic dashboard?
  • The data displayed varies based on the user viewing the dashboard
  • The dashboard components resize based on the device used to view the dashboard
  • The dashboard automatically sends an email when the underlying data changes
  • The dashboard refreshes automatically whenever the underlying data changes

Question 49

Customer Service have no access to opportunities. Due to a new cross selling initiative they need to get access to the opportunity object to create and edit opportunities. How can this be set up?
  • In Profiles
  • In user roles
  • In the opportunity settings
  • In the datasets of the users

Question 50

What should an administrator consider when configuring workflow rules? Choose 2 answers
  • Rules can be evaluated when records are created or edited.
  • Rule actions can take place immediately or on a specific date.
  • Rules must be deactivated before using an import wizard
  • All existing records are evaluated when a new rule is activated

Question 51

When the multiple currencies feature is enabled, which currency is used as the basis for all currency conversion rates?
  • Active currency
  • Record currency
  • Corporate currency
  • Personnel currency

Question 52

An opportunity record created with a close date of July 30, meets the criteria of time –dependent workflow rule. The time dependent action is scheduled for July 23. What happens if the opportunity is edited before July 23 and no longer meets the criteria?
  • The time dependent action will execute on July 30
  • The time dependent action is put on hold
  • The Time dependent action will execute on July 23
  • The time dependent action is automatically removed from the queue.

Question 53

Universal container uses a private sharing model for opportunities. The sales team wants sales engineers to be involved in specific opportunities to help sales representatives close deal faster. How can an administrator meet this request?
  • Enable chatter feed tracking on opportunities
  • Add sales engineers to opportunity teams
  • Add chatter groups to opportunities
  • Add sales engineers to accounts teamsAdd sales engineers to accounts teams

Question 54

What is an option when customizing a report? Choose 3 answers
  • Add a grouping
  • Add a filter
  • Add a gauge component
  • Schedule a refresh time
  • Summarize Fields

Question 55

Universal Systems measures it’s overall business efficiency through a single value called “Customer Stickiness Score”. What is the best way to represent this key value on a managerial dashboard?
  • Visualforce page
  • Table
  • Chart
  • Metric

Question 56

There is a requirement when the “Audit” field on an account record is marked as ‘Y’, all audit team members get access to it. An audit team is a collection of senior users from each department, and keeps changing often. What would you recommend to address this need?
  • Create a sharing rule, and associate it to a Role
  • Create a sharing rule, and associate it to a Role & Internal Subordinates
  • Create a sharing rule, and associate it to Public Groups
  • Not achievable using Sharing Rules

Question 57

Sam, a Salesforce developer, is trying to limit Contact record visibility using the role hierarchy. While testing, he is not able to see any data visibility restrictions that should have been imposed by the role hierarchy. What could be a reason? Choose 2 answers.
  • Sam’s profile has View All Data permission
  • Sam’s profile has View All permission for Contact object
  • Sam’s Role has View All Data permission
  • Sam’s profile does not have role hierarchy permission

Question 58

A system admin at UC created a new account record type. However, Sales users are unable to select the record type when creating new account records. What is a possible reason for this? Choose 2 answers.
  • The record type has not been activated.
  • The record type has not been added to the sales user profile.
  • The record type has not been set as the default record type.
  • The record type does not have an assigned page layout.

Question 59

There are two custom objects – A and B, which are in a parent-child relationship. On deleting a record of custom object A, all associated custom object B records are also deleted. Based on the given information, which of the following statements is true?
  • There is a Lookup field to object A on object B, and it is not required
  • There is a Lookup field to object B on object A, and it is not required
  • There is a Lookup field to object A on object B, and it is required
  • There is a Lookup field to object B on object A, and it is required

Question 60

The marketing team at UC wants to send an email to each lead received from its website. The country of the incoming lead should determine the language of the email that will be sent to the lead. How can a system admin automate this process?
  • Create an email template for each language and an assignment rule to send the appropriate template
  • Create a single email template and use the translation workbench to translate and send the appropriate template
  • Create an email template for each language and an auto-response rule to send the appropriate template
  • Create an email template for each language and a workflow alert to send the appropriate template
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