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English exams starter and questions

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Question 1

How would an introduction start with and end with?
  • Title, Author or Director, Theme and Question getting answered.
  • Title, Author or Director and Theme.
  • Title, Author or Director and the Question getting answered.
  • Title, Author or Director then straight to Paragraph one.

Question 2

What would be a good sentence starter?
  • It can be seen in the above analysis that ....
  • Evidence for in of this position, can be found in.....
  • This counter argument is supported by evidences from ....
  • Whilst the discussion in the preceding paragraph .....

Question 3

In the the written Text i studied 'The way of Talking', author by Patricia Grace. A significant event were used to illustrate a theme in a written text is a significant event where Mrs Frazer was being too straight forward and don't even know what she saying and it made a issue with Rose and Rose corrected her. This brings out the theme Racism.
  • True
  • False
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