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analysis of the film titles knock knock, sinister 2, the visit and woman in black.

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    Analysis Of Titles Within Their Trailers
    The titles can look different when they are in their trailers. 

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    Within the Knock knock trailer, the title is black on a white background. This is to represent a door. in posh neighbourhoods doors tend to be white with a stylish sleek black handle. the background is white to show the door, while the black sleek writing shows the handle. Another conntation could be that the man is innocent, the white, and the two girls (hence the two words) invade the innocence with their evil, thats why their black.
    Knock Knock

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    Sinister 2
    The background of this trailer lookes like a very old wall. It looks like the paint is flaking in the corner, which suggests that the wall has been abandoned for years. The number 2 looks etched into the background, yet the word sinister is clearly in the forground. This is to put more emphasis on that the film is from the sinister series and the number 2 is to blend with the background. The background and words are in black and filthy white. This suggests that what innocence there is, will be affected by the darkness of evil.

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    The Visit
    The background of this title shows a country house with a swing on the outside. This can infer, that what is visiting, is going to be visiting a simple family house. You can infer that it is a family house, because of the swing on the outside. The colour of the title is in red, but the red gets darker at the top of the word, and fades into a lighter one at the bottom. this can infer that the darkness will result in causing blood to be spilt.

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    Woman In Black
    The title looks like ink on a window. This works well, for the window is wet and the appearance on ink on a window, makes the ink run. This effect could mean that once you have seen the woman, someone's life will run out of time and die. The w3ood on the window suggests that the window is very old, this can represent that the woman is too very old.In the corner of the window, there is fabric. This could be apart of the woman's clothes, which could infer that the woman is always watching in the corner.
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