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connotations of different film titles. The titles are knock knock, sinister 2, the visit and woman in black

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    Connotations Of Titles
    Titles can mean different things, even when taken out of context of the film..

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    Knock Knock
    Caption: : The word knock knock is an onomatopoeia, which means that it sounds like how it is heard. The film revolves around the fact that the man opened the door to the girls, so if they did not knock at the door, the man would not have let them in. The words are also at the start of jokes, which can mean that the girls in the film take everything that they do as a joke.

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    Sinister 2
    Caption: : The definition of sinister is an impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen. Having a film with this title suggests that the whole film wil be encased with horror and evil. The number 2 implys that this is the second one in the series. That can mean that those who have watched the first one will expect the second one to be more horrific than the first.

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    The Visit
    Caption: : The visit implies that either a person is being visited, or it could mean that someone is going to visit another person. The sinister tone to the title suggests that something will go wrong.

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    Woman In Black
    Caption: : Since this film is based on the victorian era, woman traditionally dressed in black as a sign that they were mourning the dead. The words 'woman' and 'black' are put in bold and the text is much bigger. This is to make the audience remember the key words better.
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