Woman in Black Minor Characters

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Woman in Black Minor Characters
1 Mr. Bently
1.1 Arthurs Boss at the lawyers ferm
1.2 Quite old
1.3 Is hesitant to tell arthur anything about Mrs. Drablow
2 Mr. Daily
2.1 Meets Arthur on the train
2.2 Treats Arthur as part of his family
2.3 Goes to find Arthur when he and spider are in the marshs
3 Landlord
3.1 Doesn't let anything slip when Arthur asks about the woman in balck
4 Mr. Jerome
4.1 Doen't tell Arthur anything about the woman in black
4.2 When at the funeral he makes out he did not see a young woman
5 Spider
5.1 Mr. Daily's dog
5.2 Comforts Arthur when they go to Eel Marsh house
5.3 Mr. Daily gives Arthur the dog to take with him because dogs can sense paranormal activity
6 Nathaniel
6.1 He is Jennet's son
6.2 Was born out of wedlock
6.3 Was adopted by Jennet's sister who was Mrs. Drablow
7 Keckwick
7.1 Worked for Mrs. Drablow
7.2 Drives Arthur across to Eel Marsh house in his pony and trap
7.3 His farther died when the pony and trap went into the marsh's when Jennet's son died at the same time

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