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There is a big reason why Flashcards have been a staple in the student toolkit for such a prolonged period and it’s due to their ability to work by producing results. Here are 8 reasons as to why that is the case.
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    1. Engages Active Recall
    Study flashcards burn information into the brain as they engage active recall. When a learner practices a flashcard deck, their brain is given a clue on the front side and they attempt to actively recall the information on the back. Each time a student practices this process it means that they are forcing their brain to remember a concept This makes using flashcards such a compelling method of memorization.
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    2. Aids Spaced Repetition
    Spaced repetition basically involves spacing learning events apart rather than massing them together. For instance, if a student reviews a topic one day after learning it, the next time they review it will be after two days, then three and so on. Online flashcard tools such as GoConqr are an ideal way to implement this method as students can indicate which note-cards in a deck they know and don’t know when practicing. This means less time is wasted as only difficult notes are included when repeating, building on the concept of spaced repetition.

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    3. Method of Self-testing
    Most teachers who are worth their salt preach the old adage that practice makes perfect. Study Flashcards deliver a way to make practicing for exams easy, namely by remembering key facts, vocabulary and definitions. Using online flashcards such as GoConqr provides an effective way for students to self- test themselves while benefiting from other learning events outlined in this article.

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    4. Enhances Retention
    Retaining knowledge over the long-term is important. Students could simply cram the night before exams otherwise but this just doesn’t work. Retention is closely linked to self-testing as the authors of a report on effective learning techniques highlight. The authors of the research explain that practicing tests enhance the brain's retrieval process, improving our ability to retain and organize information.In this way, using flashcards to study is a chain reaction; self-testing knowledge continually improves ability to remember information which helps capture and retain knowledge over the long-term.

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    5. Allows for Visual Learning
    Never underestimate the power of visual communication, particularly in education. Scientists recently discovered that it takes just 13 milliseconds to see an image. Admittedly, it takes more time to process the content of an image but if you’re looking for a way to learn quicker – here it is!Flashcards, particularly image flashcards, help learners understand new words, definitions and facts which builds comprehension skills.
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