Test your GCSE Knowledge with Quizzes


By testing yourself with online quizzes before your GCSE exams you will see how much material you know.
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    Are you hoping to get a full quota of 9 marks in your exam results? In order to achieve this, you need to plan, prepare and study hard.One of the best revision techniques for GCSE students is to practice exam questions and we have the perfect answers for this. Making GCSE Quizzes will help you get one step closer to the results you want. Creating Quizzes with sample questions are an ideal method for GCSE preparation as they ensure that you are exam ready and confident enough to face your exams.As Online Quizzes can be created using a timed function and weighted scoring, this creates an exam-like scenario.
    How to Use Quizzes for the GCSE
    Caption: : Find out how you can quickly test your GCSE knowledge by creating Quizzes with GoConqr

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    With GCSE online quizzes, you can easily make your study more engaging and visually attractive by adding images. One reason to do this is to trigger more information or ask questions about the picture you have used. If your a visual learner you will particularly like this feature as it appeals to your innate learning nature. Images can give you a lot more information in a snapshot so this is an easy way to enhance your learning.
    Trigger Information by Adding Images
    Caption: : GoConqr Quizzes

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    Use Different Question Types
    Varying the way you question yourself will truly answer if you fully understand your study material. You can ask questions in 4 different ways using GoConqr's Quiz tool, these include:  True/False: Answer is either correct or incorrect Multiple Choice: One possible correct answer per question Checkboxes: More than one correct answer per question Fill in the Blanks with text, dropdown and drag and drop Mix up your quiz by using different question types to master your study.

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    Time Yourself
    Using a quiz timer is perfect if you want to simulate an actual exam environment. The timer will allow you to test your knowledge in a more efficient, and challenging way.The real advantage here is the ability to condition yourself to work through questions at exam pace and become familiar with that speed.Remember, you may feel the pressure now but it will be worth it when practicing with a timer makes the exam process much easier for you.

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    Randomise your Questions
    Just when you think you are perfecting your quiz and becoming familiar with all the content in a certain structure, why not really test yourself and randomize your questions. You decide if the answers appear in the order that you created or in random order. On the right you will find some examples which other GCSE students have already created.
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