Prep Like a Pro with GoConqr's GCSE Revision Timetable


Getting organised is half the battle. it’s good planning using a GCSE Study Planner. Find out how with GoConqr's Revision Timetable.
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    Prep Using a GCSE Revision Timetable
    If you ask your teachers the most important thing you need to do in order to achieve your desired GCSE result, most of them will tell you that having a GCSE revision timetable is vital.Facing your GCSE exams may seem like a daunting challenge and you may feel like they are a huge brick wall in front of your future.Focusing on tasks you want to complete in the short-term will keep you motivated and give you a sense of accomplishment once you have ticked an item off as done.If you’re not using a study plan, you will find it difficult to navigate obstacles and easily be overwhelmed by exam pressure..
    Caption: : Create your GCSE Study Planner with GoConqr's calendar.

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    Set GCSE Study Goals
    Before creating your GCSE revision timetable, you need to understand your study goals. To be successful, your study goals need to be Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Setting study goals for yourself will help you: Focus on achieving short-term goals Think about the bigger picture Guide you to create your study plan The key to creating a good GCSE revision timetable is to outline your study goals from the outset.  Let your goals guide you to build a plan that works for you. This will set a strong foundation for success, both in the short and long-term.

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    Boost Motivation
    When you have broken your revision down into manageable chunks, it’s easier to motivate yourself to attempt one small piece of the puzzle at a time. Allow yourself to focus on one task, one piece of revision or one topic at a time and acknowledge every small win along the way. Celebrating your achievements will also act as a motivation booster to keep you fighting for your grades right up until the summer.

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    Manage your Time and Workload
    Rather than revising blindly and not optimising your study time your revision timetable gives you the opportunity to review your learning progress. This process should highlight areas you need to dedicate more time to which may be your least favourite subjects.Use your timetable to evaluate your ability in each GCSE subject and outline your revision based on this assessment. Guiding your revision with a well thought-out plan will result in better managed time. You won’t be delving into your revision without predefined ideas of what you want to get done at every stage in the process.Getting down to it and pushing yourself to focus when studying means that there are added benefits to using a study plan such as improving your efficiency and productivity

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    Your Personal GCSE Learning Resource
    Your revision timetable should be a personal learning resource which should work for YOU. Having a flexible plan means that you can mould your time to fit your lifestyle while still being effective when applied to GCSE revision. Recognising a need for a revision timetable means that you have already made a great start to combat exam stress. If you’re using the GoConqr Revision Timetable tool, you will easily be able to see a visual breakdown of how you are spending your time revising.  From managing your study time effectively to achieving a healthy balance between revision and your hobbies, use this tool to your advantage.
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