Initial Ideas

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Initial Ideas
  1. Props
    1. We wanted to include props in our video that would help represent a indie style and attract our target audience
      1. Guitar
        1. acoustic
          1. electric
          2. Personal possessions
            1. bracelet
              1. necklace
              2. Alcohol
                1. music
                  1. Phone
                    1. Headphones
              3. Clothing
                1. Female
                  1. AS we wanted to include postmodern elements in our video we decided to base it around the 70's/80's
                    1. We woud dress the female character in a dress which would help to adds feminism
                      1. We may also include jewellery
                        1. Necklace
                  2. Performance
                    1. In order to represent an indie image the person should be unique
                      1. personality
                        1. confident
                          1. not afraid to stand out from the crowd
                        2. happy
                          1. free
                        3. Setting
                          1. Nature
                            1. Woodland
                              1. flowers
                                1. Leaves
                                  1. trees
                                2. Park
                                3. Public places
                                  1. Shop
                                    1. field
                                  2. characters
                                    1. male
                                      1. The character will have the typical indie image
                                        1. female
                                          1. and will also be a similar age to our target audience
                                      2. Narrative
                                        1. For our music video we wanted to have a basic narrative
                                          1. However, due to our video being low budget and indie typically these do not tend to have a narrative behind the music
                                            1. So we decided to either do a montage of shots
                                              1. Or go against the typical low budget and base the video around a narrative tha suits the song
                                                1. Love story
                                                  1. from the point of view of one person
                                                  2. End of a relationship
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