Final narrative

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Final narrative
  1. Setting
    1. public Forest
      1. Indie image
        1. Alternative and different from other music videos
          1. This helps represent indie as its low end but fits nicely in with the song
        2. nature
          1. leaves and plants
            1. trees
              1. natural sunlight
                1. helps make the video look more effective
          2. Character
            1. female
              1. clothing
                1. Wellies
                  1. yellow jacket/coat
                    1. Represents the indie image - Lewis Watson wears this on is album cover
                    2. jeans
                      1. Goes against our original idea of 70's style and wearing a dress
                      2. Hat
                      3. accessories
                        1. glasses
                          1. necklace
                            1. Promise ring
                              1. Helps represent indie as its unique and stands out in the video as a personal possession
                        2. Personality
                          1. calm
                            1. free
                              1. unique
                                1. all add to the indie style
                        3. Narrative
                          1. WE stuck to our original idea as using a montage of shots inorder to back the music
                            1. as our production was low end this helped to make the video more effective
                              1. also fitting the indie image as alternative as it doesn't follow a specific narrative
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