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Ted Talk 2016

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    10 ways to have a better conversation
    1.  Be present in that moment2.  Don't pontificate (go write a blog to do it)3.  Enter a conversation, assuming you have something to learn4. Use open ended questions - let people describe & express in their own words & answers.5.   Go with the flow, and let them go out of your mind in words.6.  Be honest. Don't pretend or assume you know.7.  Don't equate your experience with theirs, we're not the same.8.  Conversations are not a promotional opportunity.9  Focus on who You really are, and what we have in common, forget about the details & the weed.10. Listen attentively, and talk at the right moment. (listen to understand & speak for mutual support & understanding)
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    Everyone You will ever meet.Know something which You don't know.A good conversation is like a mini-skirt; short enough to retain attention, but long enough to cover the subject.
    Extract of wise & inspiring words

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    How to speak so that people want to listen
    DONT'S : 7 Deadly sins of speaking to avoid:1. Gossip : speaking something ill about other people when they are not present.2. Judging 3. Negativity4. Making excuses5. Exaggerations6. Dogmatism7. LyingDO's 1. Honesty - be clear & straight.2. Authenticity - be yourself3. Integrity - doing what you say & meantLove - 

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    Extract of wise & inspiring words
    Tool box  to increase power of our speech 1. Register don't use falsetto, use our chest & speak with more "weight" & authority2. Timbre develop a warm, rich & smooth voice 3. Prosody  impart meaning through rhythm of speech (not monotonous)4.  Pace  fast or slow5.  Pitch  high or low6. Volume  arouse excitement at right time

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    pontificate verb [ I ] on / about
    Express one's opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way.e.g. ‘he was pontificating about art and history’

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    Be present (adj)
    có mặthiện tạiprésentestar presenteanwesend出席的,在场的,存在的现在的,目前的
    to be in a particular place            Viethappening or existing nowFrench Spanish German Chinese
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