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diagrama de arbol fase 2


Gerencia estrategica Flowchart on diagrama de arbol fase 2 , created by ADRIANA RODRIGUEZ on 03/14/2019.
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  • ADRIANA RODRIGUEZ RUIZ 09 ABRIL DE 2019 Uber’s Competitive Advantage Porter’s Generic Strategies
  • The rights of Uber drivers are not protected and respected by the company, in addition, their safety is at risk and that of their family.
  • Polemic with taxi drivers that end in physical and verbal aggressions.
  • Suspension of Uber driver's licenses for exercising the service.
  • Suspension of service for reasons that do not provide security to the driver, ending in challenges and attacks against the platform.
  • Complaints by drivers for the lack of social benefits generating bad attention and reputation to the platform.
  • The wages, is the cause of the struggle of the drivers of Uber, the company does not recognize them a worthy monthly remuneration, therefore, this generates conflicts for their economy and that of their family.
  • The Uber company is not obliged to give them social benefits since they ensure that there is no direct employment relationship with them and therefore they are not obliged to guarantee these rights.
  • In Uber you put the work, put the car, assume the risks and Uber only puts the platform and stays with a very significant part of the payment.
  • problem
  • effects
  • Causes
  • Uber Application Program Interface (API): The Uber application has created a new platform that brings together drivers and riders more e ffectively and efficiently than the traditional taxi business dispatch system.
  • Generic Strategies
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