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Benefits of accepting Anicca -Illusion of permanence causes craving, so accepting Anicca diminishes it -Causes suffering which is at heart of Dhamma, so accepting Anicca lessens suffering -Craving permanence leads to rebirth, so accepting Anicca leads to no rebirth -Experienced by Buddha in his lifetime (4sights) which led to his finding of enlightenment so buddhists following this example head towards enlightenment -greed for impermanent things leads to bad Kamma, so accepting Anicca reduces bad Kamma and Kammic effects
Explain how taking refuge as a monk in the Sangha might help a Buddhist to "overcome his selfish cravings" (3AE) - Cut off from worldly temptations -Beside other monk who are try to achieve the same thing -Has time to meditate without distractions -Learns wisdom from teacher
What does Kamma mean for a Buddhist? -actions have consequences; natural law of cause and effect -kamma comes from volitional actions. -not a punishment or reward from God; natural result of previous actions -can have positive or negative kamma -there are skilful and unskilful actions. unskilful actions bind you to samsara -affects future rebirths -aim is to build up enough good kamma to achieve nibbana
Difficulties of following the eightfold path -leads to nibbana if followed to perfection BUT in theravada only monks can do so -based on following Dhamma so it is only possible for monks due to heavy emphasis on meditation and wisdom -impracticality of elements of morality for laity in the outside world -study of scripture important to see true nature of reality, not practical for laity -daily routine for monks makes the 8fold path easier for them than laity
Difficulties of Anicca -Difficult to accept because illusion of permanence is strong -Need to believe in permanence for practical living purposes -non attachment to impermanent things easier for monks because they don't have material possesions -Lay buddhists have less time to concentrate on meditation which helps overcome attachments -lay buddhists have more temptations to desire things because of living in society and having to work for money
Name and describe the three jewels of Buddhism. (6KU) -BUDDHA: historical person who founded Buddhism. Discovered the teachings, set wheel in motion and paved way for people to become enlightened -DHAMMA: teaching of Buddhism. Ultimate truth. 4th Noble Truth. Means of Enlightenment -SANGHA: followers of Buddhism. All followers. Can also mean body of monks and nuns living in a monastery
Describe what Buddhists understand by Nibbana (4KU) -3rd Noble truth, ultimate goal of ALL Buddhists -Means "to blow out" ie extinguishing of 3 root poisons -Enlightenment, the end of suffering/craving/ignorance -Not a place but a state of mind, not a Buddhist heaven -Difficult to describe, can only be experienced (trying to describe colour red to a blind man) -In Mayhayana samsara and Nibbana are two sides of one coin -In theravada it can take lifetimes to achieve
What would Buddhists understand by "the roots of sorrow"? (2KU) -Attatchment to things that are impermanent causes sorrow, not accepting anicca -Imagining self to be centre, not accepting anatta
Why are the three Root Poison at the centre on the Wheel of Samsara? (4KU) -They are all compulsive if we are under their power -Together they "power" the wheel of conditioned existence, keeping it turning and maintaining it's suffering -continue endlessly, eating each other or vomiting each other up -three poisons or fires initiate each other eg ignorance feed desire, desire produces anger/frustration/hatred
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