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A-Levels History Flashcards on Mountbatten, created by Jake Davey on 05/21/2013.

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When was the final Plan agreed upon? 3rd June 1947
When was the first date set for Independence? 15th August 1947
Why was this then put over two days? The 15th August was seen by Hindus as an unlucky day
When was Plan Balkan first presented to the British Cabinet? 3rd May 1947
When was Mountbatten appointed Viceroy? 1947
What did plan Balkan entail? This mean decisions were made at a provincial level weather to be autonomous or join larger groups. Bengal and Punjab could be able to partition their selves.
What was the Simla Moment? This is were Mountbatten showed Nehru Plan Balkan. Nehru disapproved of the plan which then sparked Mountbatten to create a new plan. The Menon Plan.
What did the Menon plan entail? Two states, one Indian the other Pakistan. Princes could then choose to join either one or insist their own autonomy.
When did Congress accept partition? March 1947
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