Joseph Lister and antiseptics

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Give me 3 ways that Lister used carbolic acid in medicine. 1. Clean wounds 2. Clean equipment 3. Clean bandages
In 1864 what was used in the sewage works at Carlisle and that killed parasites? Carbolic acid
What did Lister think Carbolic acid could be used for? Kill the microbes causing infection
Who influenced Lister to create the spray? Louis Pasteur
Who did Lister first test his ideas on? An 11 year old boy with a fracture to his leg
What were the 2 problems faced by doctors using silk as a ligature? 1. It didn't absorb carbolic acid so it couldn't be sterilised. 2. It had to be left dangling out of the wound.
What did Lister introduce that could be sterilised and used as a ligature, replacing silk? Catgut
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