The Professionalisation of Women

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Where did Florence Nightingale Train? Kaiserworth hospital, Germany
Which invention of the 17th century had led to a decline in the role of women in midwifery? Forceps
Why by the 1830s were most nurses poor and uneducated? Nursing was not seen as a respectable career.
In what year were women allowed to qualify as doctors at British universities? 1877
Why did women who wished to become doctors face oppostion from male students? They thought women were too emotional for dissections, not intelligent enough and felt patients would not take them seriously.
What did Florence Nightingale lead at the military hospital in Scutari during the Crimean War? A team of nurses
Why did Elizabeth Garrett Anderson find it hard to become a qualified doctor? She was turned away from medical schools. She was stopped from attending lectures. Medical schools would not accept women.
How far did the death rate fall at Scutari as a result of the work of Florence Nightingale? It fell from 42% to 2%
Which society fianally accepted Elzabeth Garrett Anderson and gave her a certificate so she could become a qualified doctor? The Society of Apothecaries.
Ho did people find out about Florence Nightingales work back in Britain? It was reported in the newspapers.
How was Florence Nightingale able to establish the 'Nightingale School for Nurses' in london in 1860? The public donated money
Who helped Elizabeth Garrett Anderson become a doctor by taking the Society of Apothecaries to court? Her father
How many differnt languages was Florence Nightingales 'Notes for Nursing' translated into? 11
What did Elizabeth Garrett Anderson found in 1872? the New Hospital for Women in London
What topic did Florence Nightingale write over 200 books on? Hospital design and organisation
What did Elizabeth Garrett Anderson help to set up in 1874? the London School of Medicine for Women
What was Florence Nightingale influential in helping to set up in 1861? The training school for midwives at King's College Hospital London
In what year did an act of parliament allow women to enter the medical profession? 1876
Why did Florence Nightingale organise the care at Scutari Military Hospital emphasising cleanliness and fresh air? She believed in the Miasma theory
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