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Nazi Germany Dates
A level Henry VIII: Foreign policy
Suffragettes and Suffragists
Quiz Geral
Core 1.12 Timbers blank test
T Andrews
Treaty of Versailles
Tamara Lancaster
American West - Key Dates
Rachel I-J
Hitler and the Nazi Party (1919-23)
Adam Collinge
Germany 1918-39
Cam Burke
3. The Bolshevik's Seizure of Power
Question Answer
First general election after Hitler is chancellor 5th March 1933
Enabling act 23rd March 1933
Take over of local government 26th April, 1933
Trade Unions Banned 2nd May 1933
Other Political Parties Banned 14th July 1933
Night of the long knives 30th June 1934
Reichstag Fire 27th Feb, 1933
Emergency Powers to Hitler 28th Feb, 1933
Hyper Inflation 1923
The Great depression (crash of wall street) October 29 1929
Hitler chancellor Jan 30th 1933
Reichstag gives powers to Hitler March 25th 1933
Golden years 1925-1928
Weimar Repulbic 1919-1933
Treaty of Versailles 1919
Mein Kampf 1924
Hitler in Jail 1924
The Putcsh 1923
The Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honour 15th of September 1935
Kristall nacht 9th Nov 1938
Death of Hindenburg 2nd August 1934
Hitler becomes both president and Chancellor 3rd August 1934
Hitler dies April 30, 1945
German Surrender May 7th 1945
Stressmann Death 3rd Oct, 1929
Locarno Pact 3rd December 1925
Dawes plan 1924
WWII begins 1st September 1939 (Invasion on Poland)