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Participants of this experiment cross cultural independent measures questionnaire, 37 samples from 33 countries located on 6 continents and 5 islands. 10047 total no. of p's used, males- 4601 females- 5446
The samples all over 100 p's from each sample apart from 55 in Iran. both Westernised and Easternised countries used but mainly Westernised. US had the biggest sample size of 1491
samples obtained using opportunity - South African Zulus, volunteer - West Germany systematic - Venezuela
Avergae sample size Average age of participants 272 sample size 23.05 years old
Questionnaire consisted of two methods which were. Method one had how many parts which were.. Rating and Ranking 3 parts -biographical data about themselves -general questions(age want to get married) -rating scale (four point, 0-3)
What were the four target variables in method one of the questionnaire? good looks chastity good financial prospects ambition and industriousness
What was method 2 Ranking the 13 characteristics on most desirable, e.g. 1=first most desirable 2=second most desirable -->13. included 2 target variables, good earning capacity&physical attractiveness
In questionnaire two, as well as the two target variables, other variables included.. being kind being religious
How many translators were there and what were they used for three- one to translate from english into native language, one to translate answers into english and a third to resolve any discrepancies
What instructions were the translators given to ammend the questionnaire to suit the culture differences, e.g. Sweden less marriages but live together, Zambia and Nigeria polygyny, and make words gender neutral e.g. not handsome