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Evaluate the Methodology Rosenhan
Alternative Evidence Rosenhan
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Alternative Evidence Gardner and Gardner
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Aims and Context of Rosenhan
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more ecological validity however teaching a chimp a language is itself not ecologically valid as human- chimp interaction would not occur in everyday life
counterargument ecological validity however, as washoe taught her adopted son louislis the language, in increases ecological validity because it is chimp-chimp interaction meaning we can generalise results to real life.
internal reliability low as it was only done on washoe and was not repeated, this is a weakness as we cannot see if results are consistent and therefore reliable or not meaning our predictions may not be reliable
counterargument internal reliability although, they had three different observers who observed each sign washoe learnt (didn't know the aims of the study) inter-rater reliability therefore increasing it slightly
ethics Washoe was taken out of her natural habitat to do something unnatural to her (learn ASL). this is bad as it could have put her under psychological harm which she would not have been under in real life
counterargument ethics although Washoes companions as well as Gardner and Gardner commented on how happy and chirpy Washoe was.
Time validity low as it was not repeated since it was carried out in 1969. weakness, times may have changed along with the ability of chimps to learn a language so cannot generalise results to diff time eras
time validity counterargument Savage-Rumbaugh in 1994 carried out similar study on a lexigram with a Bonobo, taught 500 words and showed a clear understanding of complex human sentences suggesting animals can learn lang.
What 5 things would you include about the methodology? Internal validity Ecological validity Time validity Internal reliability Ethics
Internal validity lacks due to it not controlling any extraneous variables as well as not having Washoe from birth. in their conclusion they were unable to state whether she had learnt a language or not
internal validity explain weakness as we cannot establish a true cause and effect therefore we do not know if chimpanzees can learn a language
counterargument internal validity however said washoe learnt 133 signs which she taught to her adopted son Louslis which was correct ASL, therefore chimps can learn a language
ecological validity did not live in the G&G household all the time, as they wanted it to be as natural as possible for Washoe. raised her as though she was a deaf child