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time validity done in 1989 and not repeated therefore lacks it meaning results cannot be generalised to different time eras. however if it is evolution results should not change
Time validity although research has shown an increase in contraception use, suggesting we don't have sex purely to have a baby therefore completely contradicting the study.
internal reliability independent measures, so only carried out on the same participants once therefore lacking IR this means can't see if results are consistent therefore predictions may not be reliable
counterargument internal reliability however, Buss used split-half method and was able to compare the two finding similar results increasing the internal reliability and therefore the reliability of predictions
What five things would you include when evaluating the methodology Internal validity Population validity Internal reliability Time validity
Describe the internal validity for Buss high as used three transloators to ammend the questionnaire where necessary. He also ensured what they said reflected on what they did by seeing what age individuals got married
counterargument for internal validity however questionnaire is an Westernised measurement tool so the Easternised samples results may not be valid due to them not being used to it.
Point for population validity high as 37 samples were used from 33 countries located on 6 continents and 5 islands meaning we are able to generalise results to different countries
population validity Buss aimed to overcome culture bias by using three native translators to adjust the questionnaire to suit the cultural norms.
Counterargument for internal validity However not all of the samples may be representative of the country and more Westernised samples were used, Easternised samples were generally smalled e.g. Iran 55