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How many samples did females express a higher value for good financial prospects? 36/37, sole exception Spain which was not significant. Variation on preference to this, generally Western European samples rated it less than African, Asian and North American samples
Due to 36/37 samples of females preferring good earning prospects, Buss concluded.. that the results support Trivers, in that women are more likely to look for cues related to resources.
The valuation of ambition and industriousness 34/37 samples females voted higher than males, 29 of which the difference was statistically significant. Samples including South African Zulus men valued more than women- their job to build homes.
Low preference of ambition and industriousness in samples including The Netherland, Great Britain and West Germany
males preferring younger females true in all 37 samples, mean age difference for males was 2.66 years ideal age to marry was 27.49 years therefore ideal average age for women would be 24.83 years
24.83 years for women is closest to.. peak fertility age rather than peak reproductive age. therefore can conclude from this that men look for cues related to youth and physical attractiveness, supporting Williams
Females preferred mates who were older in.. all of the samples, mean age diff 3.42 years, prefer to marry 25.39 years meaning ideal male age would be28.81 years
Samples where females preferred older mates most include Zambia and Nigeria (polygynous systems) supporting Trivers as older men are more likely to have resources
samples valuing chastity 23 samples males preferred it in their mates, including China, India, Taiwan, Israel and Iran while Western European samples valued it as unimportant and irrelevant.
samples who valued chastity suggests males value the importance of paternal probability therefore supporting Daly et al
BUSS CONCLUDED both males and females value characteristics suggesting we seek partners based on the evolutionary urge, however the issue of chastity suggests it's not all evolution.
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