Buss 1989; Findings & Conclusions

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Buss 1989; Findings & Conclusions
1 Findings
2 In 36/37 cultures, females valued "good financial prospects" more highly than males (the exception being Spain)
3 In all 37 cultures males rates "good looks" in their mate more than females did.
4 In all 37 cultures, both males and females preferred the male to be the older partner. This was supported by the mean actual age for marriages (males=28.2 and females = 25.3)
5 There was evidence to show that males valued chastity more than females but this was not universal, 23/37. China and Ireland were examples of cultures which valued chastity generally.
6 In 34/37 cultures, females valued "ambition" more highly than males (notable exception of Zulu culture.)
7 "kindness and understanding" were rated highly by most pps.
8 Conclusions
9 Sex differences involving mate preference for earning potential, relative youth and physical attractiveness were strongly confirmed across all cultures.
10 There is evidence for evolutionary explanations of human behaviour
11 Males and females throughout the world tend to look for different things in a mate
12 Mate preferences relates to the reproductive capacities of the different genders to ensure their genes survive.
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