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Evaluate the Methodology Gardner and Gardner
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The participant a chimp named Washoe aged between 8 and 14 months old from Africa moved to the Gardners home in Nevada
the research method used was a.. case study with elements of observations. however it did have an independent variable-how they communicated (ASL) and dependent variable - Washoe learning the signs
What happened during the study? The first few months was based upon building relationships and a routine between Washoe and her several companions at the home
During her waking hours, Washoe.. was always accompanied by at least one companion at all times. They were to be her friends and playmates, introducing activities and games to her to maximise interaction
what were the seven training methods used for teaching Washoe ASL? imitation, babbling, shaping, direct tuition, operant conditioning, using signs and prompting.
Describe imitation and direct tuition imitation involved the 'do this' game, correct imitation lead to tickling. direct tuition is where the companion would move her hands into the right gestures, quicker method of acquiring new words.
Describe operant conditioning using rewards to increase the likelihood of the behaviour/sign being repeated. tickling was the most effective reward for Washoe
how long did the study last? 22 months
where did washoe live? not always in the Gardner household, they aimed for her upbringing to be as natural as possible
The first sign Washoe learnt was 'more'
What would Washoe do in the garden? She would swing on the trees and look over the house, enabling to see and tell the companions who was coming