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Question Answer
Who were the participants? 12 American hospitals, one was private, some new some old and another was research based, and the staff inside
How were the participants obtained? Opportunity sampling
What was the method of the experiment? Independent measures, it was a naturalistic, covert observation
What are pseudopatients, how many were used (total/male/female) , give examples of some of the pseudopatients and their jobs. fake patients, 8 were used in total- 5 male, 3 female. their jobs included 3 posychologists, a painter and a graduate student
What did the pseudopatients lie about? Their symptoms- empty, hollow and thud audio hallucinations their names and their jobs
What did the pseudopatients have to do? Book an appointment with the psychologist and be diagnosed. Make notes in secret of their observations and follow the rules of the ward (apart from taking tablets- for their health)
What did the pseudopatients say apart from the three lies? Everything else was based on their past experience and relationships
Once in the hospitals pseudopatients had to act as normal as possible
None of the pseudopatients had a.. history of mental disturbance
Within study one, there was another study. what happened? pseudopatients instructed to go up to staff asking as normally as poss 'when they would be eligible for grounds leaves' and 'when they were likely to be discharged'
when asking the staff this, they were instructed to do so in a normal manner without.. asking the same nurse member of staff than once a day
What was the control experiment of study three a female student from stanford university campus asked staff similar questions (testing if context affects the response or the individual)
Describe study 2 R published his results, another hospital challenged him saying that would not happen in their hospital. told them he would send one or more ppatients to their hosp over next 3 months
in study two, staff had to rate patients on.. a 10 point scale on how confident they were in the diagnosis that they were genuinely mentally ill. 1 was high confidence 3 low confidence. R actually sent no pseudopatients in.