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Block 3 - concepts
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Question Answer
What combination of factors does discrimination arise from Stereotyping, Prejudices + power to act = discrimination (Barn et al. organisational and development consultant)
What makes it unlawful for one person to discriminate on racial grounds against another The Race Relations Act 1976
Labelling and making assumptions about people is known as Stereotyping
Stereotyping leads to assuming that all members of a group (ethnic, racial etc.) act the same or have same traits, ignores important individual differences
What is discrimination When prejudiced beliefs are acted upon - negative attitudes / actions
Who is Isolated & Excluded Those who fall outside recognised groups of support / Those who are hard to reach
What does OUTREACH provide Actively seeks out those needing their service / provide practical support / be a 1st point of contact / be flexible to the persons needs
what does ADVOCACY do tries to help people speak for themselves, secure their rights, represents their interests. Is independant from Service Providers
DIVERSITY = VARIETY & DIFFERENCE communities of identity based on shared identity, wide mix of people, different backgrounds
effects of categorising differences treating everyone the same will not meet everyone's needs, emphasising differences can draw away from things that are common, categorising can exagerate differences
Communities of Identity "Shared Characteristics" - ethnic origin, religion, politics, sex orientation, long term conditions. Shared Identity generates source of support for care service users
Barriers to involvement of volunteers in NDC's Professionals define agenda, education not 2 way, Involvement a way of keeping volunteers quiet, tokenism, exploitation, incorporation
What is a community? A place & locality , provides a sense of belonging. Different Communites require different support.
Community Identity based on Locality / Social Networks / Identity & Common beliefs
How to address Social Exclusion UNIVERSAL services - available to everyone / TARGETED services - specific for those referred by a professional
Examples of Targeted Services for the socially excluded Age Concern / Thornhill Family Support / Tower Hamlets Family Support
What is Social Exclusion? "A lack of opportunities & experiences of others" 3 x contexts that don't fit the norm - financial / jobs / social
5 targets of New Deal for Communities (NDC) Improve health / Increase education & skills / Improve housing & environment / more people in work / reduce crime
NDC leads to Neighbourhood projects such as? Community Health Groups - resident led / Family support teams - helping families with activities
Neighbourhood Projects support? Primary Care Trusts - cornerstone of NHS, Improve community health, develop services, commision services
Health influenced by? Where we Live (Archeson Report) "SOCIOECONOMIC" - economic /personal /social - modify these to improve health
Kings Fund - what makes a healthy neighbourhood? Feel safe / Clean / People Inclusive / Ideas encouraged / opportunities
How to measure deprivation? Jarman Score / Townsend Score / Index of multiple deprivation
Two types of Poverty ABSOLUTE - minimal essentials to survive (food, water etc.) / RELATIVE - standard of living compared to others
Impact of Poverty (Archeson Report) CHILDREN - Low birth weight / development, ADULTS - Heart & Lungs / Mental HEalth
Labonte 3 dimensions of Health Physical / Mental / Social