B5 U19 - Getting care right

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B5 U19 - Getting care right
1 Working with protocols and guidelines
1.1 Guidelines and protocols tell you what to do in a particular set of circumstances
1.2 They come from many different sources. They can come from professional organisations
1.3 Lawton and Parker
1.3.1 Benefits *protect management *risk management * protect against litigation *keeps insurers happy
1.3.2 Effects on staff * enable under trained staff to be used *extends nursing roles *train new and junior staff *team work *older workers kept up to date
1.3.3 Improvements on care *defines best practice *standardises practice and behaviour *defines correct practice
2 Evidence-based care
2.1 Benefits
2.1.1 Based on research that works
2.1.2 SU can have confidence
2.1.3 Workers are up-to-date
2.2 Problems of not based on evidence
2.2.1 Harm
2.2.2 Unnecessary interventions
2.2.3 Wasting resources
2.2.4 Care is not suitable
3 Using the internet
3.1 +ive
3.1.1 Accountability
3.1.2 Protocols and guidelines
3.1.3 Research evidence
3.2 There are people who do not have computer or access to the internet
4 Being accountable
4.1 General Social Care Council
4.1.1 Marie is accountable for herself to get appropriate authority, making sure she has relevant training and maintaining her training
4.1.2 Joan (SCO) is responsible for delegating work and making sure standard of practice is lawful and safe.
4.2 Explicit statements about responsibilties
4.3 Procedures to make performance or outcomes visible
4.4 Penalties for poor performance (rewards for excellent performance)
4.5 Official mechanisms for examining performance
4.6 Processes for investigating when things go wrong
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