B5 U17 - Unacceptable Care

Ashleigh Fox
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Ashleigh Fox
Created by Ashleigh Fox over 6 years ago
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B5 U17 - Unacceptable Care
1 Recieving intimate care
1.1 Elspeth
1.1.1 Private agency - no gloves, no apron, too busy, v. intimadating
1.1.2 Fiona -good eye contact, business like but friendly, good communication
1.2 Saxton et alwhat is care and what is sexual contact
2 Challenging behaviour
2.1 Rosalie
2.1.1 punched someone and broke her nose
2.1.2 So many different perspectives of what happened "how you describe behaviour will affect how you respond to it
2.2 Behaviour programmes - expand skills and opportunity to fulfil the same function in less disruptive routine
3 Offering intimate care
3.1 Millstream Court
3.1.1 Marie Inadequate training and supervision leaves Marie unable to know what to do with Richard Worry about being unable to talk to family or manager
3.2 Lawler
3.2.1 Women - men, men - women
3.2.2 male genital hard to deal with - hidden
3.2.3 helping men urinate in a bottle
3.2.4 Shadowing
3.2.5 Crossing social boundaries, breaking taboos and doing things that would usually be private
4 Unacceptable practice in workplaces
4.1 Cedar Court
4.1.1 Alan (Victor) - locked him in the toilet until he was quiet Psychological abuse - humiliation, coercion, verbal abuse, withdrawn services Neglect - moving bed away from the buzzer, needs are ignored Discriminatory abuse - jokes based on residents' disabilities
4.1.2 Lauren Alan - problem not someone needing help Producing presentable residents on a tight time limit No instruction or training - copies other.
4.2 National Occupational Standards for Health and Social Care
4.2.1 communication
4.2.2 environment
4.2.3 safety
4.2.4 prevent abusive or aggressive behaviour
4.2.5 Protect potential victims

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