Types of Long Term Memory

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Question Answer
3 Types of LTM Semantic - Facts, General info, people, places etc Episodic - Experiences, memories Procedural - How to do things, eg ride a bike
Tulving Scanned his own brain while thinking of facts or memories The two different thoughts were associated with different parts of the brain Difficult to interperate the results of the scan
HM Was taught how to draw a circle on a moving thing, his performance started poor but improved A few days later he attempted it again, without the knowledge of him being taught to do it, he was as good as he was at the end of the previous session HM cannot create new semantic or episodic memory but can acquire new procedural knowledge
Amnesia Patients Can lose their episodic and semantic memories but not their procedural knowledge
Huntingtons Disease Patients can lose their ability for procedural things
Wheeler Retrieval of episodic memory comes from the self awareness someone has from experiencing the event