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1648 jul - nov (5) Jul: Start of 2nd civil war/Aug:Preston/Sept:Newport Treaty/Nov:Army remonstrance/Dec:pp
1655 (2) Jan: dissolution of 1st protectorate parl/oct: major generals established
1656 (3) sept: 2nd protectorate parlaiment/ war with spain/Oct: nayler's case
1657 (5) Jan: crom abolishes major generals/ mar: humble petition and advice/ may: crom accepts revised humble petition and advice/jun: crom made hereditary lord protector/parl prorouged
1658 (3) jan: parl reopened/feb: parl dissolved/ sept: olly dies, richard succeeds him
1659 jan- may (5) Jan: 3rd protectorate parl opened/ Apr: fleetwood forces richard to dissolve parl/richard resigns/may:rump reassembled/end of war with sp/
1659 oct -dec (4) oct: lambert forcibly dissolves rump/committee of safety set up/dec: committee of safety resign, rump reinstated/autumn:tax strike especially from london merchants
1660 feb - apr (6) Feb: monck's soldiers reach london/excluded mps return to the rump/mar: rump dissolves itself/ Apr: convention parl opens/ lambert defeated at edgehill/ HoL reconvened
1660 apr - dec (4) Apr: declaration of breda/ may ch 2 proclaimed king and comes to london/aug: act of indemnity an oblivion/dec: convention parl dissolved
1661 (3) Jan: venner's rising/ May: cavalier parl opens/treason act and corporation act passed
1662 (4) liscencing act/militia act/quaker act/act of uniformity
1665 (1) five mile act passed
1666 (1) rebellion in scotland
1652 (1) May: outbreak of anglo dutch war
1653 (5) Feb: mps discuss new election/Apr: Crom dissolves the rump/Jul:opening of nominated assembly/Dec:dissolution of the nominated assembly/instrument of govt (crom now lord protector)
1654 (2) Apr: end of anglo dutch war/ Sept: 1st protectorate parliament
1649 (6) Jan:ch executed/mar:abolition of monarchy + HoL/May:eng decleared commonwealth/army mutiny at burford crushed/leveller movement ended/Aug crom goes to ireland
1650 (7) Jan:act of engagement/May: Cromwell recalled from ireland/June: Cromwell replaces Fairfax as head of army/Ch 2 land in scotland/Aug: Cromwell invades scotland/Sept:battle of Dunbar
1651 (4) Aug: Ch 2 invades with an army of scots/Sept:battle of worcester/oct: navigation act/ch 2 escapes to france
1643 (2) Sept: solemn league and covenant/ Dec: death of john pymm
1644 (2) Jul: Marston moor/ Oct: Newbury
1645 (4) Feb: creation of NMA/ Apr: self denying ordinance/Jun: Naseby/ Sept: clubmen risings
1646 (2) May: ch surrenders to scots at newmark/ Jul: propositions of newcastle
1647 (7) Jan: Scots hand ch to parl/May: army refuses to disband/Jul: heads of proposals/Oct: Putney debates/Nov:attempted leveller mutiny/Dec: 4 bills/ the engagement
1648 jan - apr (3) Jan:vote of no addresses/Apr:uprising is Kent Essex S.Wales/mutiny of half the navy
1641 Jan - Apr (5) Jan: Bishops dismissed/ Feb: root and branch discussed/ triennial act passed/ Mar: exclusion bill passed by commons but rejected by lords/ Apr: act of attainder on strafford
1641 May - Jul (5) May: Ch signed strafford's death warrant/ strafford executed/ Jun: 10 propositions/ Jul: prerogative courts abolished/abolition of non parliamentry taxation
1641 Oct - Dec (3) Oct: Irish rebellion breaks out/ Grand remonstrance/ Militia Bill passed by commons but rejected by lords
1642 (7) Jan: 5 mps/ Mar:Kentish petition/ch moves to york/Jun: 19 propositions/ commissions of array/ militia ordinance/Aug: ch raises his standard at nottingham/Oct: Edgehill
1640 Oct - Dec (4) Nov: opening of the long parl/Impeachment of Laud and Strafford/ Laudian Cannons declared illegal/ Laud imprisoned
1640, Apr - Oct (5) Apr: Wentworth made Strafford/ Charles calls parliament/ Jun: 2nd bishops's war/Aug: Charles defeated at Newburn/ Oct: treaty of Ripon
1630 (1) Nov: made peace with sp
1631 (1) Jan: book of orders issued to jps
1632 (1) Wentworth becomes lord deputy of Ireland
1633 (2) Laud becomes archbish/ James's book of sports re-issued
1634 (1) Ship money imposed on coastal areas
1635 (2) Ship money extended to inland counties/ New cannons published in Scotland
1637 (4) May: New prayer book published in Scotland/ June: Trial of Prynne, Bastwick and Burton/ July: prayer book riots in Edinburgh/ Nov: John Hampden's ship money case
1638 (2) Feb: national cov drawn up/ Nov: Glasgow assembly
1639 (4) Jun: First Bishops war/Treaty of Berwick/Sept: Wentworth recalled/ Ship money collapsed
1628 (1) Wentworth pres of council of the north
1629 (2) Mar: Personal rule starts/ Apr: made peace with france
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