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Name 3/4 adjectives according to the syllable, and their degrees

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Name 3/4 Adjectives with 1 syllable e.g. old, tall, long, fast
Name 3/4 ADJECTIVES with 2 syllables older, tallest, longer, famous
Name 3/4 Adjectives with 1 syllable ending with 'e' nice, cute, wide, wise
Name 3-4 adjectives with 1 syllable ending with 1 vowel + 1 consonant thin, slim, fat, big
Name 3-4 adjectives with 2 syllables ending with a 'y' tiny, tasty, lucky, tidy
Name 3/4adjectives with 3 syllables beautiful, expensive, dangerous, unhappy
Comparative form of 'dangerous' more dangerous
Superlative form of 'bad' worst
Comparative form of 'good' better
Superlative form of 'smooth' smoothest
Comparative form of 'bad' worse
Superlative form of 'happy' happiest
Comparative form of 'Famous' more famous
Comparative form of 'clean' 'green' cleaner greener
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