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Comprehensive list of Latin root terms as they pertain to Human Anatomy. Basically, this list is beyond (meta-) to what you need to know for basic terms. The more you know the better!
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ante/o before
ventr/o towards the belly
anter/o towards the front
post/o after
poster/o towards the back
dors/o back
phren/o diaphragm
retin/o net-like
cili/o eyelash
palpebr/o eyelid
phys/o growth
-sis (CAPS) Condition or Action or Process or State
clin/o sloped
lacer/o torn
cav/o hollow
petr/o (dense) rock
upsilon 20th letter of greek alphabet
hyoid/o shaped like the Greek letter upsilon
incis/o cut into
cid/o cut
canal/o water channel
bucc/o cheek
membran/o a skin
mening/o membrane
tympan/o drum
glandul/o little acorn
ment/o chin
pont/o bridge
labi/o lip
tonsil/o tonsil
genion chin
larynx upper windpipe
mast/o breast
pharanx chasm
pharung/o "pharunx" throat
conus cone
descend to climb down
ascend to climb up
scendere to climb
de- down
abdo- conceal
gono- angle
volar synonymous with palmar pertaining to the palm
process a going forward (outgrowth of tissue)
flex/o to bend
scaph/o boat-shaped
stoma- mouth
sinus/o a recess
epi- upon
vas/o vessel
tibi/o aulos or shin bone
recess to go back
auris ear
papill/o nipple-like
cuspid/o point
pariet/o the wall
temp/o side of forehead or temples
arteri/o artery or windpipe "They were regarded by the ancients as air ducts because the arteries do not contain blood after death"
patella kneepan
tal/o slope derived from talutum (structure of a slope) A medieval castle architecture used steep slopes on the outside perimeter as a defensive tactic
end/o within
cub/o cube
later/o side
cardi/o heart
camera vault
valv/o double door
coron/o encircling like a crown or heart
trunk from latin truncus to cut off
septum structure of a partition
circum/o around
ob- against
myo- muscle
pulmonary of the lungs
manubri/o a handle
cervic/o neck
lumb/o loin
clavic/o little key
unc/o hook
scapul/o small shovel
uln/o elbow
pisi/o pea-shaped
proxim/o nearest
dist/o distant
distant to stand apart
-tomy to cut
fossa to resemble a ditch
ethmoid/o a seive
front/o the front
oc- the backside of
ciput/o head
mandibul/o the jaw
vomer plowshare
plowshare the cutting edge of a plow
auricul/o external ear
anatomy to cut apart
lachrym/o or lacrim/o a tear related to the eyes
nas/o nose
gladi/o small sword like the flower, gladiolus
cost/o rib
atlas The Bearer (of the heavens)
carp/o wrist
capit/o head
lun/o moon
meta- beyond
phalang/o of fingers or toes derived from phalanx
brachi/o arm
cephal/o head
axill/o armpit
digit/o finger or toe
faci/o relating to the face
opthalm/o eye
palm/o palm of the hand
poplit/o hollow of the knee
cerebr/o brain
cerebell/o little brain
trans/o across
basil/o of or situated at a base
gastr/o stomach
transverse to turn across
diagon/o to angle through
dia- across
vena cava hollow vein
tars/o ankle
sphenoid/o a wedge
inter/o between
aort/o or aorta "what is hung up"
zygom/o relating to the zygomatic bone
vein underground channel of water
ligament/o to bond
femor/o thigh bone
fibul/o clasp or brooch
chamber private room from latin camera "vault"
medi/o middle
sacr/o sacred a bone sought after during sacrifices
coccyg/o relating to the coccyx or cuckoos beak
calcane/o heel bone
margin/o relating to the edge of
oblique slanting
myocardium structure of the heart muscle
conch/o shellfish
turbin/o spinning top
xiph/o sword
vert/o to turn
humer/o shoulder (bone)
radi/o rod
-ana apart
articul/o joint
stern/o sternum
thorac/o chest
acrom/o to the highest
trapez/o little table
-ion (AC) Action or Condition
arc/o or arch bow
sub/o under
common shared by all
carotid relating to the carotid artery drowsiness to cut off carotid blood supply to cause "drowsiness", like a drunk
clavis key
thyr/o oblong shield
bifurc/o divided into two forks
cric/o shape of a ring
nod/o knot
tri/o three
triquetr/o three-cornered
mal/o cheek
navic/o boat
cuneus wedge
proper From Latin propro- "one's own" Modern: "strictly belonging to"
papul/o small protuberance
apart french: a parte "at the side"
cric/o ring-shaped
ham/o hook
lingu/o tongue
kleid/o kay clavicle, combining form
gloss/o tongue
infra- below
bas/o base
axill/o armpit
palat/o palace Mythology to the location of a cave located in Palatine Hill Palate of the mouth
gutter/o throat
angul/o angle
trochle/o pulley block
mens/o mind
pteryg/o wing-like
maseter/o to chew
orb/o circle
greater big (not Latin)
lesser little (not Latin)
cavern/o cave
hyp/o under
ocul/o eye
muscul/o little mouse
centr/o center pivoting point in drawing a circle like a compass
peri- around
co- together
mamm/o breast like a child saying "mamma"
collater/o side by side
-al pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
-um structure of
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