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Who had absolute power in Mesopotamia? The king. The king was also the most powerful religious figure in Mesopotamian society.
When did the Mesopotamian civilization end? The Mesopotamian civilization ended in the 6th century.
Who conquered Mesopotamia? Persian leader Cyrus the Great
True or False? Mesopotamians were monotheistic, which means they believed in one god. False. Mesopotamians were polytheistic, which means they believed in lots of gods.
What was the name of the temples in Mesopotamian society? a. Churches b.Ziggurats c. Mosques These temples were called ziggurats.
True of False? Only boys could go to schools in Mesopotamia. True. Only boys could get an education in Mesopotamia.
What was the name of the king of the city Babylon that conquered most of Mesopotamia? His name was King Hammurabi.
The laws of Mesopotamia were written on 2.5 meter tall stone tablets. What do we call these stone tablets? The stone tablets are called stelae.
True or false? The first wheels invented by Mesopotamians were used for moving things more easily False. The first wheels were used for making pottery.
What types of things did Mesopotamian artisans, or crafters, make? Jewelry, ceramic tiles, weapons, armor, and sculptures.
Houses in Mesopotamia were made of what material? Mud bricks (they mixed dirt and water to make mud, then dried the bricks they made in the sun).
True or False? Family life is Mesopotamia is based on a marriage contract, and the woman moves into the husband's house. True! Both men and women have the right to ask for a divorce, too!
What was the major source of money for Mesopotamia? What what the economy based on? Agriculture (though trade was also important for Mesopotamia)
What is the word for "río" in English, and what is the name of the two that are a part of Mesopotamia? River. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What is the word for "agricultura" in English, and what does "agricultura" mean? Agriculture, which is growing plants and raising animals to make life better
What do we call the people who know how to write in ancient times? Why was their job important? Scribe. Not everyone in ancient civilizations knew how to write. This was an important job.
Why are rivers important for ancient cities? Help keep the land fertile so crops and be grown. Water is important for agriculture. Fresh drinking water. people can fish and get food. Trade and transport across the river.
What do people do with extra food that they do not need? They sell the food for other resources.
Why did people learn to write? There were too many people to remember everything in a big city. Records of taxes and trade needed to be written.
What is a civilization? A civilization is a group of cities with the same culture.
In agriculture, what does the word "fertile" mean? This means that plants can be grown on the land.
What is the word "comercio" in English? Trade
Mesopotamians wrote with a system of writing called... Cuneiform. The Mesopotamians wrote on clay tablets.
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