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What is trepanning? Trepanning is where if you got a headache, to release the pressure they would drill a hole on your scull
Why did the ancestors believed that trepanning could cure illness? They belived that trepanning, prayer, exorcisms and other beliefs would get rid of the evil spirits
What were some other treatments they used to help cure illness in history? putting leached on your veins would help suck the bad blood out of you.
Who invented the first microscope? Leeuwenhoek
What did Leeuwenhoek discover with his microscope? Animalcules are micro-organisms (little animals) that live in the water.
What did Alexander Fleming discover? Lysozyme and Penicillin
What did Elizabeth Kenny discover? treating polio was to soak the kids in hot water and getting them to move around
What did Fred Hollows do? helped Indigenous Australians with basic eye care. Hes goal was to avoid blindness
What did Elizabeth Blackburn? She discovered how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase
What did Struan Sutherland discover? found a substance which would protect you from the venom from a funnel-web spider
What did Jean MacNamara do and discover ? preventing polio and she made the discovered that there are at least two polio viruses
What is Howard Florey best well-know for? penicillin
What were some difficulty's and what impact did Howard Florey have? 1. Making enough penicillin for the world war two soldiers 2. Because of him we have penicillin today
What did Graeme Clark invent ? the bionic ear to help the deaf people
What were some difficulty's and what impact did Graeme Clark have? 1. trouble trying to make it be able to fit in the human ear 2. now all deaf people can have a bionic ear
What is Fiona Wood best known for? By helping the Bali victims from the bombing by using her spray-on skin
What were some difficulty's and what impact did Fiona Wood have? 1. amount of funding she had for the research and trying to get the stuff to work completly 2. made it possible of there to be no scare
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