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what are the mining methods? 1.opencut 2. underground mining 3.dredging 4. leach mining
what are mineral resourcez? minerals that are dug up and used
what is a mineral ? a naturally occurring solid substance that is inorganic has a characteristic crystalline structure and a fairly constant chemical composition
whats a ore mineral? a valuable mineral found in rocks
how are minerals formed? Lava is on the Earth's surface so it cools quickly compared to magma in Earth. As a result, rocks form quickly and mineral crystals are very small. Rhyolite is one type of rock that is formed when lava cools. It contains similar minerals to granite.
what is rehabilitation? the action of restoring something that has been damaged to its former condition.
whats processing perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it.
what are mineral resources minerals that are dug up and used
whats a ore mineral a valuable mineral found in rocks
what are hydrothermal fluids Hydrothermal fluids are natural heated water solutions wherein variety of elements, compounds and gases may be dissolved. They are generated by diverse crustal and mantle geological processes including basinal fluid interaction, magmatic differentiation and mantle degassing.
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