Animal parasites

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T or F In ovine ostertagiosis; the ewes have a big role in contamination of pastures True
T or F In bovine ostertagiosis; the cows have a big role in contamination of pastures False
Which type of ostertagiosis is more common in a) Sheep? b) Cattle? a) Sheep - Type I b) Cattle - Type II
During what months does ostertagiosis type I and type II occur? Type I: July to Oct Type II: March to May
Which worm has an excretory notch? Trichostrongylus axei
Where does Trichostrongylus axei develop from L3 to L4? Sub-epithelial tissue (of the intestine and abomasum)
T or F Anthelmintic resistance is a major problem in ostertagiosis True
T or F Anhelmintic resistance is common for Haemonchus spp. True
Does immunity to Haemonchus occur in a) Sheep? b) Cattle? a) Sheep - poor immunity b) Cattle - immunity in animals >2 yrs
The pathogenesis of Haemonchus is divided into what 3 groups? Hyperacute (up to 30.000) Acute (2-20.000) Chronic (100's)
T or F Diarrhoea is a feature of Haemonchosis False
"Bottle jaw" is a feature of which parasite infections? Haemonchus Fasciola
In the FAMACHA system for assessing clinical anaemia, what are the PCV values for the fatal and optimal statuses? Fatal: 10 Optimal: >30
T or F Haemonchus spp. cannot overwinter in the UK True (they arrest as L4 in tissues)
Which species of Trichostrongylus in ruminants lives in the a) Abomasum b) Small intestine a) T. axei b) T. colubriformis
Which genus of hookworm lives in the small intestine of ruminants? Bunostomum
What age lambs are susceptible to Nematodirus battus infections? 3 weeks --> 3 months
Which small intestine parasite is responsible for acute PGE in lambs and is a common primary pathogen? Trichostrongylus vitrinus
Which infectious routes apply to Bunostomum spp? Percutaneous Oral
Place the following parasites in order from largest to smallest Ostertagia Trichostrongylus Haemonchus Haemonchus > Ostertagia > Trichostrongylus
Which other animal can be a source of infection of Nematodirus battus to lambs? Calves
Which parasite can cause severe illness in man and is associated with eating watercress? Fasciola hepatica
When do Galba truncatula snails breed? May - October
What 3 factors determine the presence of Fasciola metacercariae on the pasture? 1. Presence of snails 2. Moisture 3. Temperature
Which anthelmintic is used to treat acute fasciolitis? (and to which there now is a resistance problem in some parts of the UK) Triclabendazole
Both a land snail and an ant are the IMH's of this fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum
For which fluke will the host only show clinical signs in heavy infections, and the signs are very general and under the radar? Dicrocoelium dendriticum
Where would you find Paramphistomum a) juveniles? b) adults? Which ones cause pathology? a) duodenum b) rumen/reticulum Juveniles cause disease
Pair the fluke with the corresponding anthelmintic Paramphistomum Dicrocoelium Fasciola (acute) Schistosoma Triclabendaxole Oxyclozanide Albendazole Praziquantel Paramphistomum - Oxyclozanide Dicrocoelium - Albendazole Acute fasciolosis - Triclabendazole Schistosoma - Praziquantel & Albendazole
Which fluke have sexual reproduction? Schistosoma
Which fluke infect all domestic mammals, ruminants and is the 2nd biggest cause of parasitic disease in man after malaria? Schistosoma
Which fluke resembles tea leaves? Dicrocoelium dendriticum
What indicates whether a worm is resistant to a drug or not? It is resistant if it fails to reduce the worm burden by >90%
Which pig parasite egg is the only one found indoors which makes it diagnostic? Oesophagostomum
Name all the pig worms you might find in the large intestine Trichuris suis Trichinella spiralis Oesophagostomum (also SI)
IMH of Dipylidium caninum? Flea/Louse
IMH and FH of Anoplocephala perfoliata? Forage mite Horse
Features of A. perfoliata egg Mis-shapen Pyriform apparatus
IMH for Echinococcus g. granulosus? Ruminant/Pig/Human
IMH for Echinococcus g. multiocularis? Rodent/Human
Which parasite do you associate with sheep measles (white spots on meat)? Taenia ovis
Where does the development L3-L4 happen for Dirofilaria immitis? Sub-cutanoeus tissues in FH (after mosquito bite)
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