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Question Answer
Which strain of Staphylococcus causes otitis in carnivores? S. Intermedius
Which Staphylococcus causes Greasy pig disease? S..Hyicus
what are cultivation methods for staphylococci? Mesophilic: 37°C, 24h, aerobic
Which Staphylococcus has enterotoxins? S. Aureus
What is common for Staphylococcus on medium? medium sized -1μm, varying colour- yellow/white/grey, raised, shiny
What is the medium used? Enriched media meat pepton blood agar
Which strains cause double haemolysis? S. Aureus S. Pseudointermedius
Name 3 coagulase + staphylococci S. intermedius S. Aureus S. Hyicus
Name 3 coagulase - S. saprophyticus S. epidermidis S. Haemolyticus
Describe microscopic features of staphylococci Cocci in clusters, formed like grapes Gram + no flagella enveloped, encapsulated
What does coagulase do? exotoxin fibrinogen-->fibrin coagulates blood plasma (rabbit) =pathogenic!
What are β- lactams? Which strain is more resistant? Antibiotics that inhibit bacterial cell wall biosynthesis. S. Aureus!
Some characteristics of Staphylococci are: non-motile facultative anaerobic cat + ox - gram +
Which strain causes Nosocomial infections? S. Aureus
Name 5 enzymes found in staphylococci: -coagulase -hyaluronidase -staphylokinase -nuclease -lipase
What is the agent causing nosocomial infections? MRSA- meticillin resistant staph aureus has multiresistance to β-lactams after 72h of transmittion in tissue it becomes resistant to any treatment
Where can we find TSST? what does it mean? toxic shock syndrome toxin in S. aureus
Name 5 toxins in staphylococci *a-toxin *b-toxins *enterotoxins *TSST *Haemolysins
What is the function of staphylokinase? activates plasminogen to plasmin to digest fibrin clots
In which species is MRSA common? dog horse pig
Which strain is usually non-pathogenic and acts when you are immunosuppressed? it is a human saprophyte! S. Epidermidis
-endometritis -pyoderma -cystitis Caused by.........? S. Pseudointermedius in dogs
Which is the only non-haemolytic strain? S. hyicus
-mastitis -dermatitis -subclinical/acute/chronic Caused by____in___ 1. S. aureus 2. Bovine
Characteristic effect of S. aureus in ovis and capra: folliculitis- hair follicle infection
pyogenic infections, opportunistic and endospore production are common for staphylococci FALSE does not produce endospores
Botryomycosis caused by S. aureus is common in what species? pigs, horses
What is the effect after cultivation on MacConkey agar? nothing