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Question Answer
Module 6.2 Compounds and Mixtures By: Mariam Alhujaimi
What are compounds? They are substances made of lattices or identical molecules with two or more types of atoms
What are some examples of Compounds? Images (binary/octet-stream)
How many elements is the human body made up of? 16 Elements
What 6 elements make up 98.5% of the body? 300px 201 Elements Of The Human Body.02.Svg (binary/octet-stream)
What is a Molecular Compound? Molecular Compounds 4 728 (binary/octet-stream)
What are two examples of lattice compounds? Table Salt Beach Sand
What is a mixture? It is any combination of two or more elements or compounds
What is a solute? It is a substance being dissolved
What is a Solvent It is a substance that dissolves another substance
What is a Solution? It is a mixture in which another substance is dissolved in another
What are Alloys? They are mixtures of metals and non-metals
Why are Alloys important? They are important because they have different properties compared to pure metal
What are some examples of Alloys? Stainless Steel Brass Solder Sterling Silver
Thank You Images+(1) (binary/octet-stream)