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Contains noise hazard, fire hazard, chemical hazard

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It is the minimum level of sound that can be heard by humans. Also called the threshold of pain. 1dBA
Term for any unnecessary sound. Noise.
It is the minimum level of sound perceived as painful by the ears. Also called the Threshold of Pain. 140dBA
Who regulates the Noise Regulation Controls? OSHA
6 types of Noise Regulation Controls Engineering Controls Administrative Controls Audiometric Evaluation Adequate Education and training PPE Noise Programs
How is sound made? Due to the changes in air pressure
Noise regulation control that involves any change in the physical set up of the workplace. Engineering Controls
3 Common Engineering Controls 1. Reduce noise at the source of noise 2. Reduce the noise in the transmission path 4. Reduce the reverberation time
Noise Regulation Control that keeps the employees away from noise or minimize regular exposure to noise. Administrative Control
How to reduce noise at the source of noise? Apply mufflers
How to reduce the noise in the transmission path? Apply barriers/Enclosures
How to reduce the reverberation time? Apply sound absorbent material
Which part do the hearing starts? Outer ear
They are the 3 tiny bones that amplify the sound and send the sound waves to the inner ear and into the cochlea. Ossicles
3 Ossicles Malleus Incus Stapes
Example on Noise Administrative Control. Apply Shifting of Employees
Where are the legal responsibilities of employers and employees contained? South Australian Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1995.
Regulations of the Safety and Welfare Regulations 1995 >information that must be provided about a machine that may create an unsafe level of noise >the prescribed level of noise that may be emitted by a machine >the maximum noise level, that a worker with unprotected hearing may be subjected to over 8 hour period >the maximum noise level that an unprotected worker may be subjected to at any time
The prescribed level of noise in the workplace 85dBA
The maximum noise level for a worker with unprotected hearing. 90dBA
Maximum noise level for unprotected worker subjected to work at any time. 140dBA
Percentage of all noise-related injuries that are result of long-term exposure to sounds. 98%
Percentage of all noise-related injuries that are result of a single of sudden sound. 1.4%
Percent of all noise related injuries that incurred in manufacturing industries. 48.7%
Percent of noise injuries that are incurred in the construction industry. 10%
Percent of noise injuries that are incurred in the transport and storage industry. 10%
Two root words for toxicology. toxicos and logos
What does toxicos means? poisonous
It is the study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms. Toxicology
The study of symptoms, mechanisms, treatments and detection of poisoning especially the poisoning of people. Toxicology
Factors affecting the severity of toxic in the human body. Routes of entry dosage level physiological condition environmental condition physical properties of the chemical
Factors affecting the severity of toxic which means the passageway of chemicals. Routes of Entry
Factors affecting the severity of toxic in the human body which means the volume of chemicals. dosage level
5 common hazardous substances/components in Electronics Workbench soldering wire solvents ceramics PCB filings rosin
It contains lead which contains lead which can cause lead poisoning soldering wire
5 effects of lead poisoning reduce intelligence impair memory hearing problems high blood pressure constipation
2 countermeasures for lead poisoning use solder vacuum use PPE (solder mask)
Liquid based substances that can be very hazardous to the excretory system once it penetrated through skin. Solvents
Give 2 examples of solvents. Denatured alcohol Ferric Chloride.
Mostly found in capacitors and contains Beryllium Oxide which is highly poisonous. Ceramics
Debris from PCB once cut or rubbed by sand paper that can cause asthma. PCB Filings.
It is used as flux extracted from the resinous acid of pine trees, Flux is mixed with the solder in order to achieve effective coupling of metals and can cause skin diseases. Rosin
Meaning of the MSDS acronym. Material Safety Data Sheet
It is an important tool for chemical hazard communication. It is also the handbook of chemicals in the workplace. Material Safety Data Sheet
9 basic parts/contents of MSDS >boiling point >freezing point >flashpoint >toxicity >reactivity >health effects >first aid >storage and disposal >spill handling
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