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Aegeus The King of Athens
Agon Debate between Medea and Jason
Chorus Composed of Corinthian Women
Creon King of Corinth
Dialogue conversation, in one or more lines between characters
Dramatic irony use of language in the play that has different or concealed meanings or interpretations for the speaker and the listener
Glauce Daughter of Creon
Jason Greek hero famous for returning the golden fleece
Medea Jason's wife who helped him in his quest for the golden fleece
Messenger speech vivid description of deaths of Glauce and Creon
Prologue introduction of the play delivered by the nurse
Parados first song by the chorus, first enters orchestra and dancers
Exodus chorus exits singing about the play and the moral of the story
Episodes characters and the chorus talk there are 4 episodes in Medea
Stasimons characters usually leave the stage wile the chorus sings and dances about what has happened there are 4 stassimons in Medea
Order of Medea Prologue, 1st ep, 1st sta, 2nd ep, 2nd sta, 3rd ep, 3rd sta, 4th ep, 4th sta, exodus
Kommos lyrics or chanted duet between actors and chorus of a highly mournful or emotional nature
Epirrhema passage wherein one actor or the chorus speaks or chants lines in response to another actors lyrics
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