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What is meant by tourist gaze? Organised by business entrepreneurs and governments, and consumed by the public. Marketing and management of sites of interest.
What is meant by Location? Where a place is on a map, its latitude and longitude coordinate.
What is meant by Locale? Each place is made up of a series of locales or settings where everyday life activities take place. An office or park are examples of this.
What is a sense of place? The subjective (personal) and emotional attachment to place, its meaning to a person.
What is meant by an outsider? Someone not born in an area, they could be a temporary visitor or holds a foreign passport, not necessarily fluent in the local dialect.
What is meant by an Insider? Born in an area and parent's were born there. Permanent resident, holds a passport and is fluent in the local language.
What are some examples of media representations of places? Brochures, Online reviews, Radio, Television, Newspapers, films, apps, social media etc....
What are 4 Endogenous factors? Land-use Location Topography Physical Geography Infrastructure Built Environment
What are Exogenous Factors? They effect the character of a place such as: people, resources, money and investment and ideas
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