Research Methods Week Two


Variance and Averages
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Σ The sum of all numbers (Upper-case Sigma)
What graph, and symmetry, can be used to test if the mean is appropriate? A histogram
What is the mode? The most frequent number
What averages are measures of Central Tendency? The Mean, Median, and Mode are all measures of central tendency
What are measures of variability? Measures of variability include: The Range, IQ Range, Variance, Standard Deviation
What is the IQ Range? The Range of the middle 50% scores
What is the Variance? The average of each score's squared deviation from the mean
σ Variance (Lower-case Sigma)
When do you divide by N in variance? When you have a PoPuLaTiOn
When do you divide by N-1 in variance? When you want to generalise a sample. REMEMBER, N(Population) -1 is the sample, because the sample is less than the Population!
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