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What does the poem start with? The poem starts with a young female soldier, Vaudevue, sitting on the ground.
What battle has Vaudevue come back from? She has just returned from a battle at Austerlitz.
What has happened to her, what are Vaudevue's injuries? Although she has survived, she has been badly injured and has lost her memory, so she's feeling very confused and disturbed.
What does Vaudevue do because she's so distressed? Vaudevue is so distressed that she suddenly strips off and jumps into the lake.
Who finds Vaudevue's clothes and what do they do? An enemy soldier finds Vaudevue's clothes next to the lake and waits for her to come back.
Why does Vaudevue not come back though? Vaudevue doesn't come back though because she is already dead.
What do the line lengths create,and what does it make the story seem? The line lengths are a mixture of short and long, which creates a rambling, conversational feeling, and makes the story seem even more unpredictable.
What makes the reader confused like Vaudevue? There is some random rhyme, half rhyme and internal rhyme which is sometimes unsettling because its unexpected. This makes the reader confused, just like Vaudevue.
What order are the events in the poem told in? What effect do the last three lines make? The events in the poem are told in chronological order, starting just after Vaudevue fights in the battle of Austerlitz. However, the last three lines link back to the battle, creating a circular effect.
What does repetition of the title song remind the reader of? Repeating the title song reminds the reader of all who have been lost, just not Vaudevue.
Why else are key words repeated? Key words are repeated to give the poem a cold, deathly feel.
What atmosphere do strong descriptive images and personification create? Strong descriptive images and personification create an eerie atmosphere.
What do several references to places associated with past wars suggest? There are several references to places associated with past wars. The references to war are both historic and futuristic, suggesting that war and its casualties are universal and timeless.
Why might the reader feel sad about Vaudevue's death? The narrative voice is very impersonal, even though what happens in the poem is very dramatic. The reader might feel sad about Vaudevue's death even though the narrator is detached.
What gives a sense of irony in the poem? There's a sense of irony that Vaudevue and her enemy have the same favourite song.
What are the mysterious elements in the poem? The poem has some mysterious elements like moonlight and pipe music.
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