History: Cuban Missile Crisis

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What happened at the Bay of Pigs? Kennedy sent 1400 anti-Castro exiles to Cuba to overthrow Castro but they were met by 20,000 Cuban troops
Who was the leader of Cuba before Castro? Batista
What does revolution mean? Overthrowing the government
Which leader of Cuba was friendly with America? Batista
Who replaces Stalin as the new soviet leader? Khrushchev
What did Khrushchev say about nuclear missiles? That they are the "weapon of the future"
What does the IBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) do? Launches into space and brings the missle down on a specific target
How did the USA have a good relationship with Batista? - USA had a naval base in Cuba - They had a lot of industry there
How did the USSR support the Castro regime? - Funded money for weaponry - Same ideologies so become allies
How did the USA know there were missile sights in Turkey? U2 spy planes took photographs
Why did Khrushchev put missiles in Cuba? - The USA had missiles in Turkey - Cuba was very close to the USA
What year was the Cuban Missile Crisis? 1962
What was the missile gap? The idea that the USSR had more nuclear weapons than the USA
How did the missile gap being shown in the media impact the American public? It made them scared and encouraged them to pay more taxes in order to help
Why was there tension between the USA and the USSR? - Different ideologies - USA had the first atomic bomb - Stalin had previously broken rules - Truman hates Stalin (he is very anti-communist)
What was the "Berlin Blockade" Where Stalin closed the rail, roads and canal links into West Berlin
What were the causes of the Berlin Blockade? - Britain and France joined their parts of Berlin - USA and Britain introduced a new currency - Stalin was jealous of the close relations and thought they were plotting against him
By the 1960s, who had more missiles? USA
What was Khrushchev hoping to achieve regarding the missile crisis? - Close the missile gap - Make himself popular in the USSR - Keep communism in Cuba
What options did Kennedy have regarding the missile crisis? - Do nothing - Surgical air attack - Blockade Cuba - Invade Cuba
What option does Kennedy choose in dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis? He blockades Cuba
What offer does Khrushchev make in his first letter? That he will remove the missiles if Kennedy lifts the blockade from Cuba
How does Khrushchev adapt his message in his second letter? He says that he will only remove the missiles if the USA remove theirs too
What does Kennedy do in reaction to these letters? He only responds to the first letter
Name 3 outcomes of the Cuban Missile Crisis - Khrushchev is forced out of power - Kennedy is popular in America - Cuba remains communist
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