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What is Tripitaka? Collection of the... ...teachings of the Buddha in Pali
What does it consist of? (Three parts) Sutta: teachings, Vinaya: disciplinary code and Abhidhamma: moral psychology
Who was Tripitaka compiled and arranged by? Those Arahants who had immediate contact with Buddha
Buddha himself did not... ... leave written records of his own teachings
Buddha's disciples preserved his teachings by... ... committing them to memory and transmitting them orally from generation to generation
Purpose of 1st Council Rehearse Buddha's teachings
Sutta Pitaka consists chiefly of... ... discourses delivered by Buddha himself, but also contain a few delivered by some of his most distinguished disciples
Vinaya Pitaka mainly deals with the... ... rules and regulations of the Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis
Abhidhamma Pitaka... ... analyses and explains the teachings on a more profound level
Name of sutta pertaining to the root sequence Mulapariyaya
Uninstructed run of the mill person... ... perceives things as they are and thus conceives things about them
The trainee... ... directly knows things as they are and thus will not conceive things about them
The Arahant... ... directly knows things as they are and thus do not conceive things about them, with the end of delusion
The Tathagata... ... directly knows things as they are and has comprehended it to the end
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