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What are the physical features that may affect organisms? - Temperature - Amount of light - Availability of water - Availability of nutrients - Availability of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Define the words: - Environment - Habitat - Population - Community - Ecosystem Environment - All the conditions that surround a living organism Habitat - The place where an organism lives Population - All the members of a single species that live in a habitat Community - All the populations of different organisms that live together in a habitat Ecosystem - A community and the habitat in which it lives
What is a transect? A transect is a line across a habitat or part of a habitat. The number of organisms of each species can be observed and recorded at regular intervals along the transect.
What is a quadrat? A quadrat is usually a square made of wire. The organisms underneath, usually plants, can be identified and counted.
What should you consider when using a quadrat? When using a quadrat: - It should be placed randomly so that a representative sample is taken - The validity and reproducibility of the results increases as the results from more quadrats are analysed
Distribution of organisms Lets revise
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