The opposition to the Tsar

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Cards which have very specific facts. They can be used as evidence to support any point you argue in essay. Other cards for other questions. I got a A in my alevel paper based on drilling these facts. If you get over 95% on these cards and can write a balanced argument, I guarantee you will get an A in exam.

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who tried to kill the head of the secret police and when? Kravchinskii in 1878
What is the name of Bakunin's book and how many copies were secretly put into Universities? "Statism and Anarchy" 1,200 copies printed in Switzerland brought in to Universities in 1873
What violent group appeared after the Narodniki? More violent social group called Land Liberty
True or False: There was more women and poor attending Universities?Tr True
Who wrote these books: 1. " The Bell" 2. "What is to be done?" 1. Herzen 2. Cherynshersky (1863)
What are the negatives of an emergence of Education? More educated revolutionaries Spread of radical fever Radical influence over the Intelligentsia
What was the increase in University students? University students increased by 2/3rds
Many peasants were either_______ or viewed their Tsar as their _____ _____. 1. Apathetic 2. Little Father
When was Bursary and university funding introduced? 1869
In 1777 - 78 how many people was put on trial? 193
What was the name of the Narodniki/Populist campaign? To the people
How many was acquitted out of the 193 on trial? 150 Acquitted
Who was the opposition to the Tsar? Universities and Education Narodniki and Populist's Land and Liberty The peoples Will
How many members of the populists went to the countryside and what were they dressed as? 3,00 members dressed as local peasants
Who did Vera Zuslich attempt to kill and when? Assassination attempt on General Trapov and the Governer of St.Petersberg on the 24th of January
When was the "Trial of the 50"? 1877
What revolutionary group assassinated the tsar? The peoples Will
What year was the Tsar Alexander II assassinated? 13 March 1881
Who was the second attempted bomber and what did he shout whilst threw the last bomb, assassinating the tsar. Ignancy, "its too early to thank god"
Why did Russia need economic reforms? 1. Needed more entrepreneurs 2. Needed more employment for serfs 3. Need a strong economy to ease social unrest 4. Heavily reliant on agriculture and agriculture was non-efficient
1860 - 1900 Russian population grew from 70... 70 million to 13 million
Tran-suberian Railways was funded through lonas from ______, organised by ______ and was _______m long 1. France 2. Vyshnegradsky 3. 4,000m long
Who was the minister of finance from 1887 - 1892? vyshnegradesky
Vyshnegradsky said " go hungry... "go hungry but export"
How many Russians died of the famine? 400,000 mainly of disease
poor economy meant = meant poor military
Who increased export of grain and in what year? Vyshnegradesky in 1888
Vyshnegradesky increased and introduced? - Land Taxes - Duty on products - Direct Taxes - Tarriffs - Gold Reserves
Negatives of Vyshnegradesky were? increased taxes and tariffs directly effected the peasants negatively as they had to live on even less
What did vyshnegradesky do? encouraged peasants to sell grain too early leaving them hungry for the rest of the harvest and year
When was the great famine and who was to blame for it? Famine in 1891 - 92 with Vyshnegradesky to blame
Vyshnegradsky increased tariffs by _______% on...? - 30% - on spices, cotton, iron, sugar, tobacco and spices
Who imposed a monopoly on ______ in ________ and made a state profit of ________ - alcohol - 1894 - 300,000,000 - witte
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