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Flashcards about global Conglomerates including the subsidiaries they possess.

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TIME WARNER has over 40 subsidiaries so I am only going to list a few extremely well known ones Including; Warner Bros Entertainment, HBO, The CW, Sports Illustrated, New Line Cinema, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros Television, Time Warner Cable, Time INC, Turner Entertainment and Castle Rock Entertainment.
Again, News Corporation is a Major, Global company with endless Subsidiaries - so a few Include; FOX Animation Studios, FX Movie channel, FOX 21, 20th Television, FOX Sports, 20th Century Fox, SKY Italia, FOX Entertainment Group, Harper Collins, FOX, FOX News and NEWS UK.
A household name - and the definition of a Global Conglomerate, To name a few The Walt Disney Company Subsidiaries include; PIXAR, Disney Store, The Disney Channel, Dream Works, Disney Cruise, Disney XD, Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, ABC, Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Maker Studios, Touchstone Pictures and many many more!
Subsidiaries that of SONY Include; SONY Mobile Communications, SONY Computer, OLYMPUS Cooperation, SONY Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, SONY Pictures Animation, SONY Pictures Home Entertainment and many more.
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